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From mystic castles, to unspoilt wildernesses, to the cultural heart of Warsaw, Poland offers multiple choices for cinematic productions

Poland lies in the eastern part of the Northern European lowlands and thus it is mainly lowland. Nevertheless, the Polish landscape is rather diverse. The coastline is fairly smooth, whereas the coast itself is usually flat. Poland proudly wears its charms with élan, but venture into its heart to find your perfect filming location and you’ll find chic medieval cities, fairytale castles and untouched wilderness, all wrapped around this European country with a mystic vibe. One of the greatest assets of Poland’s nature is its authenticity and wildness of many areas, unique on the European scale. Away from the big cities, much of Poland feels remote and unspoilt.

The former royal capital of Kraków is a living lab of architecture over the ages. Its nearly perfectly preserved Gothic core proudly wears overlays of Renaissance, Baroque and Art Nouveau, a record of tastes that evolved over the centuries. Fabulous medieval castles and evocative ruins dot hilltops elsewhere in the country, and the fantastic red-brick fortresses of the Teutonic Knights stand proudly in the north along the Vistula. At the other extreme, simple but finely crafted wooden churches hide amid the Carpathian hills, and the ample skills of the country’s highlanders are on display at the region’s many open-air ethnographic museums.

Kraków may have beauty and Gdañsk the seashore, but the capital of Poland, Warsaw, has the culture, energy and the action. That energy extends to the city’s thriving funky street festivals, edgy art openings, and lots of highbrow music festivals. The best museums are
here too.


The climate is oceanic in the north and west and becomes gradually warmer and continental towards the south and east. Summers are generally warm, with average temperatures between 18 and 30°C depending on a region. Winters are rather cold, with average temperatures around 3°C in the northwest and
−6°C in the northeast. Precipitation falls throughout the year, although, especially in the east; winter is drier than summer.

Filming In Poland

Filmmakers who would like to produce a film in Poland should first contact the Film Commission Poland. Here, apart from obtaining the basic information about Poland and the Polish film industry, you can receive real help in consolidating the production. Through close cooperation with the Polish network of regional film funds and local film commissions, the Film Commission Poland can facilitate the following tasks throughout Poland:

•  efficient search for appropriate locations

•   effective help in obtaining access to these locations

•   effective help in obtaining necessary permits/authorisations

•   connecting the producer with          potential partners, such as institutions offering financial support, production companies, service providers, filmmakers and professionals,

•   providing logistic support

•   help in solving problems at every stage of production

•   putting the producer in touch with local film commissions and film offices

Shooting Permits

In Poland, there are virtually no prohibitions pertaining to photographing or filming. One can do it almost anywhere. Exceptions include locations particularly important for state defence and security. However, shooting at a given location requires obtaining permission from the site’s owner or manager.

Regardless of who gives permission, it is always a good idea to prepare documents stating:

• the title of the film, the name of thedirector and the producer

• the budget of the film

• production insurance

• type of production (feature film,documentary, television, etc.)

• date of filming and number offilming days

• a description of the scene or scenesto be filmed

• list of crew members (people,identity cards numbers, the numberof vehicles)

• description of the equipment (lights,generators, cranes, dollies, etc.)


TOP Production Company In Poland:


The Film Polska Production Company is an undeniable leader in the Polish and Indian collaboration in the film and television industry. It co-produced around 40 advertisements and two feature films for the Indian market. In their portfolio, they have many projects produced with the greatest players in the world market, among others National Geographic, History Channel, BBC (Great Britain), ARD, ZDF (Germany), SyFy (Canada), and Channel 9 (Australia).

Recent productions include the Bollywood feature film Kick. Film Polska has worked with a range of Indian film production houses like Nadiadwala Grandson Entertainment, JMJ Entertainment, Surya Films, Dream Warrior and Studio Green Chennai for film shoots in Poland. Film Polska is a member of the Polish Chamber of Audiovisual Producers and Indo-Polish Chamber of Commerce.

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