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Postcard From Austria

Famous for its ski slopes and vacationing vistas, the Alps are an apt filming location too. Are you ready for the Tirol Effect?

Tirol in western Austria consists of no less than 36 scenic holiday regions. It boasts mighty peaks, crystal clear lakes and picturesque towns. And the tourism office is a competent partner when shooting in the region.

In terms of locations, there are several places of interest including Kufstein, with its beautiful castle in the centre of a valley, just after entering Tirol from the east. Ötztal down to Sölden provides dramatic vistas. Nearby, in the Upper Inn Valley, are the pretty towns of Landeck and Paznaun, which with their scenic simplicity and beauty fit perfectly for any average European city.


Upon application and contingent on available funds, selected productions are offered a Cine Tirol Production Incentive in the form of a non-repayable production grant, which refunds up to 50 per cent of eligible production expenses incurred in the Tirol region.

The Economic Tirol Effect and Tirol-related Content

The Economic Tirol Effect can be achieved when production-related expenses have partially or fully been incurred during the filming of the applicant’s project in the Tirol. Expenses comprise general production costs, and, even more relevant, expenses related to the use of local facilities and the hiring of Tirol film industry professionals in creative, technical, and logistical positions.

Tirol-related content is satisfied when the Tirol region is the clearly recognisable centre of the story and/or when the film project extensively deals with Tirol’s history, culture or nature.

Expenditures Eligible for the Tirol Effect

Expenditures are considered to have a significant economic effect on the Tirol and they are hence called the Tirol Effect, when they have been incurred during filming in the Tirol and are taxable in the Tirol. Tirol Effect expenditures have to be invoiced by a company or person whose main residence is in the Tirol and who is a taxpayer in the Tirol.

Eligible Tirol Effect Expenditures

• Production-related expenses, such as film permits, location fees, props, costumes, technical equipment, accommodations, per diem fees (100 per cent of the amount paid), travel, transportation, film and sound materials, post production, insurance, other general expenses.

• Salaries and wages (gross amounts) for domestic film industry professionals with documentation of main residence in the Tirol (a copy of the ‘Meldezettel’ registration slip). Secondary labor costs can only be considered for Tirol residents registered with the ‘Tiroler Gebietskrankenkasse’ State Health Insurance.

• Net amounts of invoices from film makers, service providers, and companies taxable in the Tirol are eligible.

• Mileage for filmmakers who are taxpayers in the Tirol and are vehicle owners. Required documentation: a copy of the ‘Meldezettel’ registration slip and a copy of the vehicle registration.

Non-Eligible Tirol Effect Expenditures

• Invoices not made out to the applicant or awarded film project or expenses not paid by the applicant are not eligible

• VAT (value added tax)

• Other administrative fees or general expenses

• Payments to filmmakers without main residence in the Tirol through service production companies based in the Tirol

• Payments of services rendered by companies not registered and taxable in the Tirol though service production companies based in the Tirol

Application And Submission

Cine Tirol Production Grant applications have to be made in writing before filming begins

Three copies of the entire application package, including script and application form, have to be submitted in either English or German

Applications include:

• Total budget for the entire production

• Itemised budget for projected expenses eligible for the Tirol Effect

• Film script or documentary treatment including copyright verification, synopsis and summary brief

• List of key actors and tentative cast

• Production financing plan and documentation of binding agreements

• Sales and marketing plan

Production Grant Information

In case a Cine Tirol Production Grant is awarded, a contract between the Tirol Tourist Board and the producer will be established. Without a contract no legal claims for production grant money can be made. Advances on production grants are not permitted, no exceptions made.

Production grant payments are made in three installments and are contingent on the documented progress of the project:

1. Start of filming in the Tirol (30 per cent)

2. Documentation of actual Tirol Effect expenditures paid (50 per cent)

3. Film premiere/first broadcast of the project and fulfillment of all obligations to Cine Tirol (20 per cent)


Due to its central location in the heart of the Alps between Germany, Switzerland, Italy and the Austrian region of Salzburg, Tirol is easily accessible by car/coach, rail and air:

Munich International Airport – 170 kms away

Zurich International Airport – 250 kms away

Innsbruck Airport: numerous connecting flights from the international airports of Vienna and Frankfurt.

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