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Prem Kaa Game

Shaadi Ke After Effects was the original title that has been turned to Prem Kaa Game. However, this title is just not apt for this comedy movie, based on extra marital affair. It is a story of stray love which often happens to married men.

The movie starts with a surprise entry of Love Guru (Salman Khan), a narrator. He narrates the story of a happy couple, Prem Sahni (Arbaaz Khan) and Sheetal Sahni (Tara Sharma), in a humorous way. The story takes a turn when Twinkle Chopra (Madhuri Bhattacharya), a seductive beauty from London, steps in as their new neighbour when Prem’s wife and daughter Pinky are on a holiday to Mysore.

How Prem tries to seduce her with the help of his neighbourhood friends, Roop Chand Rathod (Rakesh Bedi), Ramnik Chheda (Johnny Lever), Lalwani (Razzak Khan) and Mishra (Vivek Shaq) forms the crux of the story.

The script is interesting. The music is catchy but breaks the narration of the film.

Arbaaz Khan is apt in the role of the husband. However, playing the flirtatious married lover does not gel with his personality. Tara Sharma, as Arbaaz’s wife, is okay. Newcomer Madhuri Bhattacharya gets a platform to show her talent. Sameer Kochhar, in a brief role, is good. Rakesh Bedi, Johnny Lever, Razzak Khan and Vivek Shauq evoke laughter. The presence of Salman Khan is like the proverbial oasis in a desert.

On the whole, Prem Kaa Game will be lost in the crowded release scene lacking much of face value as well as promotion.

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