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Sachin Gupta is best remembered for his music and soulful rendition of Ehsaas in the Irfan Khan, Konkona Sen starrer Dil Kabaddi. He now makes his big Bollywood entry as a music director in Tips Films’ grand action thriller Prince. Well, he did compose the music for a lesser-known flick named Bolo Raam but Prince will be Sachin’s true litmus test! Ditto for its leading man Viveik Oberoi, who must be hoping this film, will propel him back into the top league.

The album opens with O mere khuda (Atif Aslam, Garima Jhingon), an energetic, fast-paced track that has instant appeal. The tune is engaging and gets you humming along almost immediately. Aa bhi jaa sanam is the same composition without the heavy orchestration but Sachin improvises, making this song equally likeable.

Tere liye (Atif Aslam, Shreya Ghosal) starts with a high-pitched Shreya, who adds a lot of oomph to her singing – almost sounding like Hema Sardesai sometimes. Though it’s a stereotypical Atif Aslam composition, it’s an engaging one and both singers do full justice.

But it’s the unplugged version by Sachin Gupta that’s more impressive. Though the philosophical lyrics are in sync with the theme of the film, Kaun hoon main by Atif Aslam ends up an average track.

Monali Thakur (of Zara zara from Race fame) is the voice behind Ishq mein deewani. The composition is just about OK, but Monali adds the right dose of sensuality to her singing and sounds great. Jiyara jiyara (Alisha Chinai, Hard Kaur), with its rushed singing and trite lyrics, fails to rise above the ordinary.

Prince is not a bad buy if you’re into fast-paced dance tracks. Especially since the album includes nine remixes!

Verdict: Above average

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