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This producer has bought the rights of the sought after Telugu film Jersey for a Hindi remake

As we mentioned in an earlier story, remake rights are a big thing in the Hindi film industry right now. As with Kabir Singh, we are seeing many films from the South being remade for the masses in Hindi. And many filmmakers have been eyeing the remake rights to the latest Telugu hit, Jersey. The sports drama stars superstar Nani and newbie Shraddha Shrinath, and from what we hear, the producers have approached Sithara Entertainments for the rights.

As it turns out, someone’s loss is someone else’s gain. Telugu producer Dil Raju, who has had hits like Dil, F2 – Fun And Frustration and Shatamanam Bhavati among others, has bought the rights to remake Jersey in Hindi. The filmmaker will mark his entry into Bollywood with this recreated film.

We spoke to Kuldeep Rathore, Director and CEO at Dil Raju Productions, about this and he said, “My partner Dil Raju and I were discussing what film we should mark his entry into Hindi cinema with. He told me to see Jersey. I saw it and I loved it. I said, this is the film. He distributed the film as well and he had bought all the rights for distribution. He said ‘The producer is my friend and I will talk to him.’ By the time he spoke to him, everybody from this industry was behind him for the rights. So we put pressure and brought in the relationship and our entire might and got the rights. We finally got the rights for this fantastic content.

“The basic principle of this company is that getting into Hindi is getting good content and producing it. At the end of the day, everything starts with content. We ourselves are creating content in Hyderabad, in Telugu films. Given all our in-house content and the relationship that we have with the producers there, we can use it and get it to the Hindi market,” revealed Rathore.

Let us see which actor bags the role in this coveted project.

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