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Singer Romy discusses his first break in Phillauri and what makes his songs click

How did you bag this project?

Shashwat Sachdev is an old friend; he is like an elder brother to me and I used to sing scratch or dummy songs for him. One day, he called me and said, ‘Ek gaana hai aur tujhe aakar ye gaana hai.’ Without really knowing anything about the project, I sang my first song. So my first song is Dum dum.

 Were you given a brief?

Well, I didn’t know very much about the project back then but I was told that the Dum dum song would portray a person who had changed. And for Sahiba, I was told that it was a song about loving through each other’s eyes. This is all I was told and I have tried to deliver my best.

This is your first project. How do you feel about that?

This is my first project and almost all the songs have been sung by me, so I feel very special. Everyone has praised me, especially Anushka ma’am and Diljit sir. They have appreciated my work and I am so glad that my first project has been loved by everyone. I don’t think many newcomers get the kind of support I have received from Anushka ma’am and Diljit sir.

 What kind of response are you getting for your songs?

I have people complimenting me and saying that it’s been a long time since they have listened to a pure and soulful song that they can easily connect to and that they can actually feel the emotion in it. At fitst, I was very apprehensive because, as a newcomer, it was my first experiment. But it has been appreciated by all.

 Other than romantic songs, what other songs would you like to sing?

I would like to sing all genres but I prefer those ‘mastiwale songs’ like my third song, Bajaake tumba. At present, only the audio is out and the video will release soon.

 Were you always inclined towards music?

I have played cricket for 15 to 16 years. I have even played for the Ranji Trophy but, basically, my parents have always wanted me to be a singer. So I trained after I came to Mumbai and it’s been 3 to 4 years since I’ve been in this field.

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