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Pyaar Impossible

Yash Raj’s next, Pyaar Impossible, looks like the perfect date flick to catch this winter. Both the film and its music seem to have been designed keeping in mind its primary target audience – teenage girls and young adults. The music is fresh, frothy and light. Interestingly, three of the five singers of India’s first all-girl band, Viva, make an appearance in this album!

Alisha (Anushka Manchanda, Salim Merchant) is the song in the album. It’s Anushka’s song all the way. She charms with her soft, husky vocals. Breezy and upbeat, Alisha makes for good listening.

The title track, Pyaar Impossible (Dominique Cerejo and Vishal Dadlani), conveys the essence of the film in a light, casual chatty manner. Anvita Dutt Guptan’s romantic banter-like lyrics are easy on the ears and enjoyable. Both these tracks have remix versions which are strictly OK.

You & Me (Neha Bhasin and Benny Dayal), with a mix of English and Hindi lyrics, starts off well but in spite of good vocals it somehow falls short. On the other hand, Ten on ten (Mahua Kamat, Anushka Manchanda and Naresh Kamat) is entertaining. The lyrics are frivolous and the girls sound great, Mahua is more peppy and Anuskha, restrained yet sexy!

Ek thi ladki (Rishika Sawant) has a story to tell, but it’s the chorus by the kids that get your attention. Average stuff. The album expectedly has a Western feel to it, and that should limit its appeal.

Verdict: Sweet but strictly average.

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