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With the exception of Mrityudand and Dil Kya Kare, none of Prakash Jha’s films have had music of any significance. But then, most his films fall into the socio-political genre, where songs in the narrative only serve as an impediment. So it does catch one off-guard when the soundtrack of his latest political drama, Raajneeti, lists not one but four music directors in the credits.

The first track, composed by hit machine Pritam Chakraborty, Bheegi si is an upbeat, peppy romantic number that appeals almost instantly. Both singers, Mohit Chauhan and Antara Mali sound fresh and add the right dose of charm to their singing. Many of you may remember Antara as the voice behind the annoying but popular Kooke kooke from Life Partner. Needless to say, she sounds far better here. Bheegi si is a catchy number that will hold your attention.

The pick of the lot is Mora piya, a semi-classical fusion number composed and sung by Aadesh Shrivastava. This stylish, gentle composition is just the kind of song you would want to listen to on a rainy day. Aadesh is surprisingly good behind the mike. The supporting vocals by Rosaline Nicholas sound neat, though one wishes the English lyrics weren’t so cheesy. Sadly, Kavita Seth’s wonderful voice is drowned by the heavy instrumentation in the Trance Mix version of the same song.

Every Jha film has one quintessential item number and Raajneeti is no exception. And compared to all the item songs featured in his films, Ishq barse (Pronob Biswas, Hamsika Iyer, and Swanand Kirkire) is the catchiest so far! Shantanu Moitra’s composition is folksy and rustic, with a few classical notes thrown in. The varied styles of all three singers make this track a vibrant, earthy number.

The last song, Dhan dhan dharti is a Wayne Sharp composition. The patriotic song, based on Vande Mataram, is written by Gulzar and has been rendered by Shankar Mahadevan and Sonu Nigam in two different versions. Likely to work best in the context of the film.

One does not expect a hard-hitting political drama like Raajneeti to have melodies in its soundtrack but the music does take you by surprise.

Verdict:  Decent fare

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