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Romantic Interlude

In Veneto, Italy, romance is always in the air… Rolling hills, quaint villas, castles and let’s not forget bistros! And there’s an attractive funding plan too

This week, we introduce you to the innate beauty of the culturally-laden Vicenza, its villages and castles, bona fide villas and other remarkable points of interest. A city in the north-eastern part of Italy, it is the historic capital of the Veneto region. It forms the heart of the region and is in close proximity to Venice. All this together with its peculiar style of architecture has earned it a place in the UNESCO World Heritage List.

Thanks to a variety of locations, historic and artistic heritage coupled with extraordinary buildings and hospitality, the conurbation is an epitome of natural richness and ideal for any kind of audio-visual production. This one-stop destination mesmerises sightseers with the objet d’art in museums and galleries.

Labyrinthine lanes with overhanging balconies decorated with colourful flowers or mini-bistros with a countryside setting are a common feature of Italy and Vicenza is no different. Its rustic setting can be identified through the cobbled streets, antique lamp posts and promenades besides the Bacchiglione and Brenta rivers in Bassano. Its opulence is reflected by the 23 buildings designed by the Italian Renaissance architect, Andrea Palladio.

The metropolis, which is one of Italy’s wealthiest cities, is home to the masterpieces created by Palladio and is also the place of origin of the architectural style called Palladianism. In addition, the Cathedral of Vicenza, Church of Araceli and other contemporary buildings form beautiful backdrops.

Arzignano, Asiago and Lonigo are villages in the province of Vicenza. These villages with their bucolic appearance create stupendous backdrops for film shoots. Arizagnano has red stone rooftop houses and is covered with pastoral land, while Asiago is a classic example of Italian townships – multi-coloured edifices and alleyways highlighting the golden era of the country. Postcard perfect!

Overall, Vicenza has an array of locations – lakes and rivers, art cities, Palladian villas and hills and mountains. For filmmakers, it is perfect for a wide range of genres with the space to build colossal sets or simply capture the essence of the city as it is. To attract the producers, the Vicenza Film Commission offers a whopping regional fund up to 2,00,000 Euros, apart from acting as location scout.


These rules govern the methods and criteria for allotment by the Veneto Region of the fund known as the Regional Film and Audiovisual Fund. The region may use the Regional Film and Audiovisual Fund to support:

• Film and audiovisual productions produced in the Veneto Region

• The development of film and audiovisual projects about the Veneto Region by producers based in the region.


Funding for productions may be requested for projects:

• By national and foreign production companies for projects

• Production companies based in the Veneto Region for projects

Maximum Funding Limit

For projects falling within the category set mentioned below, a maximum funding limit may be allowable of:

• € 2,00,000 in the case of filming to be carried out within the Veneto Region for a period of at least six weeks

• € 1,00,000 in the case of filming to be carried out within the Veneto Region for a period of at least four weeks

• € 50,000 in the case of filming to be carried out within the Veneto Region for a period of at least two weeks

Expert Committee

1. The assessment and selection of the applications for funding will be made by a committee of experts which will include the Regional Director of the relevant regional specialist institution as chairman of the committee, a film critic designated by the National Union of Italian Film Critics, a professor of film or audiovisual studies from a Venetian university, a professor of economics from a Venetian university, both to be nominated by their respective institutions, and an expert in film to be nominated directly by the Regional Council.


Applications for Funding

Productions, which apply for production funding, must also submit the following documents in Italian:

• A resume of the production company’s past work

• Certificate of registration in the company register and official Chamber of Commerce certification of the production

• The ownership chain of rights

• The subject and screenplay of the film

• Director’s contract or letter of intent

• Technical crew indicating the professional credentials of the identified residents

• Members of the cast indicating leading and supporting actors

• Indication of duration of shooting schedule within the Veneto Region

• Estimate of costs for both technicians and artists with detailed list of planned expenditure within the Veneto Region

• Financial plan for the production showing the funding already in place or currently being put in place

In addition to the documents listed, companies must attach a statement signed by their legal representative, declaring any other “de minimis” funding which has been applied for or received for the project.

Payment of the grant

The payment of the amount granted to the production companies, following submission of the documents and according to the methods set out shall be made by the Region as follows:

• 80 per cent following approval by the Region of the statement of expenses

• 20 per cent being the outstanding balance – following the public release of the film

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