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Russian Rendezvous

A little-known Russian republic presents a delightful locale, with an interesting  juxtaposition of the old and the new

The two most well-known cities in Russia are Moscow, its capital, and St Petersburg, its second capital. But Russia also comprises many lesser-known districts and republics. The Republic of Tatarstan is one of them. Its capital city Kazan lies at the confluence of the Volga and Kazanka Rivers to the East from Moscow in the European part of Russia.

More than a thousand years old, it has a rich history, as it is one of the main routes from Europe to Asia. Today Kazanis a scientific, economic and cultural centre. Being a city of unique historical monuments, it is included in the UNESCO World Heritage Cities list. In 2004, Kazan was named the Best City of Russia.

There are several interesting things to shoot in Kazan, including the Kremlin (walls and watch towers, Kul-Sharif Mosque, Suyumbike Tower, Annunciation Cathedral, a number of museums and government buildings) and the Farmer’s Palace. Kazan’s Kremlin has both an orthodox cathedral and a beautiful mosque.This vibrant city is an excellent destination for filming.

It is home to people of more than tennationalities, the largest being Russians and Tatars. The Temple of Four Religions is a symbol of international integration.The main square of the city is named Square of Freedom. In the centre of the city there is an artificial river called the Bulak.

Kazan is also an industrial and economic centre of the Volga region and includes helicopter and aviation factories. It is also a big educational centre, with nearly 30 universities. Kazan State University is one of the greatest and oldest universities in Russia and dates back to 1804.

Ancient structures in Kazan from antique towns to fascinating landscapes on the outskirts provide a very special atmosphere for production of films. Also, contemporary life offers special images in the urban and country side settings and can be used as a backdrop.

Recently, Kazan proved its potential by winning the bid for Universiade 2013. It will also be one of the Russian cities to host the World Football Cup 2018. This has kicked off a wave of construction and reconstruction activity and sport venues have mushroomed in the Tatar capital, together with residential buildings and offices.


Kazan has a humid, continental climate with long, cold winters and warm, often hot and dry summers. The warmest month is July, with daily mean temperature near 20 °C and coldest in January nearing 12 °C.


Kazan has a well-developed transport network including airlines, highways and railways. It is also the link between the Ural Mountains, Siberia and the Far East with the European part of the Russian Federation. Kazan is situated 797 km to the east of Moscow, and it takes 12 hours if you travel by train, or 1 hour if you travel by plane, between the two cities.


In Kazan, authorities may charge different location fees and administration prices depending on the property to be used for shooting. Public and private properties require different permits. Public places require the local authorities’ permission.

How To Proceed

• Application letter with detailed information on production company

• Comprehensive plan, projection of the budget for the production

• Ideally, the finished version of the scriptor full synopsis with part of the script

Qualifying Expenditure

Qualifying expenditure is incurred during production in locations on services including labour, accommodation, transportation equipment and hire, location fees, catering services, leasing of offices, computer equipment, props, property,animals, equipment, wardrobe rentals,vehicles, boats, telecommunications, craftservice, laundry and cleaning services and professional services. Presentation of expenditure should include the net of VAT (Value Added Tax) charged at 18 percent.

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