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Shor in the City

In complete contrast to the title of the film is the serene opening track. Saibo is an engrossing melody that wraps around your head instantly. Shreya Ghosal has never been in better form and Tochi Raina complements her beautifully. The composers have used varied instruments including the violin to successfully create a ballad that will remain with you long after you have heard it.
Karma is a bitch spits aggression. Rebellious and crude, this rock track is solid fun. A ballsy number like this needs powerful vocals and the singers (Suraj Jagan, Priya Panchal, Swati Mukund) do complete justice here. Racy! Mohan Kannan, the lead vocalist of the rock band Agnee, is fabulous in the title track, Shor. Sachin-Jigar combine the sitar with Mohan’s melancholic vocals to create a dark rock number reminiscent of the poignant songs that come out of the Coke Studio in Pakistan. Good stuff.
Deem deem tana (Shriram Iyer) by guest composer Harpreet is a fusion number that could possibly spring up as background music at various points in the film. The track is so frantic, it makes you gasp for breath. The album includes three bonus tracks – the splendid Teri justujoo (Roop Kumar Rathod) from the album Saaware, Kailash Kher’s Bam Lahri and Agnee’s Ujale Baaz.
After an entertaining soundtrack for F.A.L.T.U., Sachin-Jigar impress yet again with their music for Shor…
Verdict: Surprisingly good.

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