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Shortcut Romeo

Composer Himesh Reshammiya is in dire need of a lyricist. After the tedious Po po po (Son Of Sardaar), he returns with another mind-numbing track – Pe pe pe! Be warned, the asinine tune and dim-witted lyrics could prompt you to commit acts of violence. This one deserves an instant fast forward. Ishq gangster (Himesh Reshammiya, Vineet Singh) is marginally better. Though the rhythm is moderately catchy, the singing is a brutal assault on your eardrums.

Thankfully, Reshammiya redeems himself a little with Khali salaam dua, a formulaic ballad sung beautifully by Mohit Chauhan. The uncluttered composition focuses largely on Chauhan’s gorgeous vocals while sparingly using the piano and violin. The title track Shortcut Romeo, a smooth mix of pop and jazz with Ash King’s stylish vocals, is a fairly engaging listen too, although King sounds a lot like Adnan Sami here.

Reshamiyya takes inspiration from the Tamil folk tune Dappan koothu in Jave saari duniya.Though the lyrics are atrocious, the catchy tune and Mika Singh’s spirited rendition makes this a bearable number, only till it lasts.

As they say, there are no shortcuts to success. That definitely holds true for the music of this film.

Verdict: Listen at your own peril!

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