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Sonu Ke Titu Ki Sweety

Banners: T-Series, Luv Films

Producers: Bhushan Kumar, Krishan

Kumar, Luv Ranjan, Ankur Garg

Director: Luv Ranjan

Cast: Kartik Aaryan, Nushrat

Bharucha, Sunny Singh, Alok Nath,

Ayesha Raza Mishra, Virendra Saxena

Writers: Luv Ranjan, Rahul Mody

Music: Rochak Kohli, Yo Yo Honey

Singh, Amaal Mallik, Zak Knight,



From the moment they announced the unique title, the team of Sonu Ke Titu Ki Sweety have been attracting eyeballs. Be it the popular Pyaar Ka Punchnama series star cast or the interesting love versus friendship trailer or the hit songs, director Luv Ranjan has managed to raise expectations at every level. Thankfully for him, the film meets those expectations at every level.

We see a version of My Best Friend’s Wedding but with an interesting twist. Falling onto some predictable lines here and there, SKTKS makes sure it is nothing more or less than it claims to be in the trailer and songs, which is an unabashed Bollywood masala entertainer.

The story is pretty much what is given in the promos. Sonu and Titu are best friends. Their friendship is so deep that Titu’s family considers an orphan Sonu as their own and vice versa. Being the chaddi buddies they are, the two share a bromance that is popular since the Jai and Veeru era. Titu is the seedha-saadha lover who swings between getting manipulated by either his girlfriends or his best friend Sonu. Sonu, the protector of his pal’s feelings, has won the game every time till his friend falls for the seemingly perfect girl, Sweety. Sweety is beautiful, caring, family oriented and everything else Titu was looking for but Sonu is convinced that all this is a show. He goes out of his way to prove his point and wages a war against Sweety, trying his best to put a stop to this wedding without hurting his best friend. Does he manage to do that? Or does Sweety’s romance win the battle in the end? These questions are hilariously answered in the climax.

It rarely happens that a film balances its first and second half well enough to be entertaining throughout but SKTKS has done just that. Barring a few overly dramatic scenes towards the end, the film wraps itself in funny one-liners and comical situations that keep the audience chuckling till the end.

Luv Ranjan, along with his favoured star cast of Kartik Aaryan, Nushrat Bharucha and now Sunny Singh, is known for the PKP (Pyaar Ka Panchnama) series. This latest film does have a touch of similarity in the treatment and execution of the story like the tonality of the jokes, especially the opening dialogue (or rather a monologue) of Kartik Aaryan and the fondness of the director to show a female character controlling the male character. Except for these few things, the script seems quite fresh especially the addition of the family members. The supporting characters add a lot of strength to the scenes in the film, especially the ‘thug life’ inspired part of the usually sanskaari Alok Nath. Ranjan has made sure that he utilises each and every actor in the movie to their full potential and what we see is one delightful product on the big screen. 

The makers have played it smart keeping the target audience the same as their previous movies. The youth, who go through one breakup after another and find solace in their friends and who value the opinion of a friend as much as they do their family, will connect to not only the situations in the film but also the dialogues which seem to be picked up from the language that is used in everyone’s day-to-day life right now. Be it the banter between the best friends or the verbal sparring between Sonu and Sweety over Titu, the sequences are quite engaging. 

One may feel that just like his previous films, women are once again painted as the manipulative ones in this directorial by Ranjan. But it seems that the director is in no hurry to change this perception in his films though he has toned it down a lot in SKTKS. And while he has toned that down, he has upped the yaari-dosti quotient to an interesting extent. It is fascinating to see that the slow motion scenes and the dramatic songs are picturised not on the couple but the best friends. We see Sonu and Titu’s relationship go through some ups and downs with all the Bollywood flair of cheesy lines, proclamations of love and deep eye contact. The filmmaker brings a charm to their friendship like we have never seen before.

Music has played an important part in all of Luv Ranjan’s films and in this one especially, many of the songs like Bom diggy diggy, Dil chori and Chote chote peg have already become chartbusters. A collaboration of many music composers like Yo Yo Honey Singh, Rochak Kohli, Amaal Mallik and Saurabh-Vaibhav among others, the album of the film is a mix of all genres that are placed perfectly in the masala entertainer.

Performance-wise, while all the characters including the supporting actors are good, Kartik Aaryan, thanks to his impeccable comic timing, steals the show as he plays the saviour with his devilish ideas, naughty smile and boyish charm. Nushrat Bharucha plays the stunning mastermind to the ‘T’. Sunny Singh’s confused expressions help him nail the role of the simple, impressionable loverboy Titu. Alok Nath is hilarious. Ayesha Raza Mishra is good. Virendra Saxena is amazing. The cameo of Ishita Raj Sharma is superb.


Verdict: Hit.

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