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Shah Rukh Khan is gearing up for IPL Season 5. So, at the launch of NOKIA TV on mobile phones, whose application allows consumers to launch their own personalised channels by shooting and sharing videos LIVE, we asked the actor a few questions.

Will the IPL TRPs get affected?

I don’t think the TRPs will get affected because, last year, there was the World Cup, after which the IPL started. But this year, we have only the IPL and India is a cricket-crazy country. As far as ratings are concerned, I don’t understand TRPs and TAM all that much, I don’t know how it happens. But I am sure people will watch the IPL.

How will he juggle shooting and the IPL?

I am not shooting all that much so I will manage both, the IPL and my films, I hope.

Is the IPL craze over, as there are big films releasing during the tournament?

I don’t think this is true although a lot has changed over the years. It’s hard to maintain everything every year like not releasing films. Being a producer, I would never release my film during the IPL because evening shows may get affected.


I want the whole team to play well and I hope every player gives their best. Last year, they played really well and there are some players who have matured over the years. So I am expecting a lot from them.

On singer Abhijeet being angry with him

It may or may not be a coincidence but when they say they will not work with SRK or they will drop SRK from their films, they get publicity. I have no idea why he is hurt.

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