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A Success Story

Usha Uthup is on a roll. Post the exuberant Darling (7 KhoonMaaf) and the sophisticated Maya (Don 2), the diva completes her hattrick with a fierce Aami shotti bolchi. This wonderful ode to Kolkata, in complete contrast to the city’s perceived image,opens spectacularly in Broadway style and soon becomes a heady mix of jazz and hard rock. Vishwesh Krishnamoorthy,the vocalist of the hardcore metal band Scribe, is the scruffy voice behind the high-spirited chorus. In fact, the number, Kolkata, you sexy, offers a tributeto RDB in several places in its short duration. Aami shotti bolchi is Vishal-Shekar at their fabulous best!

Piya tu kaahe rootha re opens with a stirring alaap by Pakistani singer Javed Bashir and leaves you spell bound.Bashir’s powerful vocals, Srivastava’spathos-filled words and the frenzied combination of the electric guitar and metal cymbals will bowl you over. Though this classical fusion piece spells dark melancholia, it is simply awesome.

Sukhwinder Singh is in top form in the soft rock fusion number Tore bina, displaying amazing control while singing both the high and low notes. Vishal-Shekar surprise when they drop the pace after the first antara and bring in a mellow music bit. Good stuff again.The title track Kahaani is also a tribute to the city of Kolkata. It is perhaps the only conventional song in this album and an enjoyable melody. KK and Shreya render their versions earnestly but it’s Vishal’s backing vocals that make this serene,soft number a cut above the usual.

Vishal-Shekar spice up Tagore’s Bengali poem Ekla cholo re (AmitabhBachchan, Clinton Cerejo) with a dash of what sounds like a gospel chorus.This integration of Western sounds in a traditional Bengali poem makes for an engaging listening experience.

It’s evident that Vishal-Shekar have composed the soundtrack of Kahaani with a lot of sincerity. The result is an album that will rank as one of their best works.

Verdict: Superb

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