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Teen Patti

There is a surprise in the soundtrack of Teen Patti – legendary American composer and pianist George Gershwin’s classic Summertime finds a place here. And Mumbai’s popular blues vocalist Joe Alvares does a fine job with his rendition of this melody that in the past has been made memorable by many musical giants including Janis Joplin and Paul McCartney. This track is also in a way indicative of the music of Teen Patti – very niche and with limited appeal.

Life is a game appears in two versions, English & Hindi, the former sung by Sonia Saigal and the latter by Anuskha Manchanda. And both versions are interspersed with dialogues in Big B’s deep baritone. This composition is akin to the opening track of a Bond flick. Lavishly mounted with the right hint of mystery and drama, this number can be best enjoyed while watching the film.

Music director Salim gets behind the mike for the stylish title track Teen Patti, a racy number with psychedelic and electronic beats. Seems more like a song that will play out in the background at several points in the film.

Intezaar (Naresh Kamat) starts off gently, gains tempo midway and ends up being a full-on rock number! Yet again, a track that will work best in the context of the film.

Sunidhi Chauhan, who hasn’t sung very many popular songs in the last few months, makes Neeyat a joy to listen to. She renders this song with terrific style and tremendous control. Seductive and sexy, Neeyat is perhaps the only track in this album that has popular appeal.

Verdict: This album will find very few takers.

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