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Teri Bhabhi Hai Pagle movie review: Rajniesh Duggall - Krushna Abhishek's film is bogged down by a bad script and screenplay

Producers: Raj Nostrum, Haresh Kumar Nor, Vinod Tiwari

Director: Vinod Tiwari

Cast: Rajniesh Duggall, Krushna Abhishek, Mukul Dev, Nazia Hussain, Deepshikha Nagpal, Aman Verma

Writer: Vinod Tiwari

Music: Anamik Chauhan, Vijay Verma

The main premise of Teri Bhabhi Hai Pagle is the protagonists working towards making a film. In one scene, the actor-producer says that he wants to shoot it in Goa and the director readily agrees, saying, ‘Haan, kuch beach scenes daal denge’. After watching the film, you are convinced that this is exactly how this actual project was concocted, on a whim to shoot without any substantial storyline. Clearly, director Vinod Tiwari tried to make a masterpiece and he assumed that the way to go about it was to touch upon several social subjects all at once. He probably hoped that at least one of them would stick and connect with the audience. But thanks to a shoddy script and below-average performances, this one just makes you cringe.

As mentioned above, the story is about a struggling director, Dev, getting a break with an actor-producer, Raj Chopra agreeing to do his movie. The film also stars Dev’s girlfriend Ragini, who catches the eye of not only Raj but also the film’s financier, political don Aru Bhai. While Ragini tries to save herself from the lecherous advances of Raj and Aru Bhai, Dev is trying to make his movie. These love connections result in chaos, which leads to a very long climax after which there is another, absolutely unnecessary turn of events that makes the film never-ending.

Tiwari, who has also written the film, has made this film a few decades too late for it to even have a chance at working. The script is so badly written that one scene jumps to another without any clear start or end. The attempt at one-line punches is poor as this film doesn’t even fit the slapstick category. Even the lip-sync, whether dialogue or songs, is visibly off. The film tries to stand on the moral high ground by delivering messages on several subjects like nepotism in the industry, sexual harassment of women, and for no reason at all, the downfall of the industry through piracy. These lessons make up the elongated final 20 minutes of the film. Besides all these loopholes and flaws, there are also the songs in the film which are completely unnecessary and don’t make it to any chartbuster lists either.

This is Vinod Tiwari’s first attempt at directing a film and while a lot of leniency can be shown towards a debutant, these many flaws cannot be excused. Performance-wise, Rajniesh Duggall attempts to be sincere but is bogged down by a bad script and performances. Krushna Abhishek is below average. Mukul Dev is good. Nazia Hussain is bad. Deepshikha Nagpal is average and Aman Verma is annoying. The other actors fail to do their job to support the film.

Verdict: Flop.

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