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Top 10 Songs Of The Year

This has been the year of the BIG chartbusters – loud, paisa vasool songs designed to provide instant gratification. There was no room for subtlety in the lyrics or in the melody. Everything had to be glitzy, catchy and forceful. Most of the big-ticket films that released this year had that one song that drove the masses into frenzy. As 2011 comes to a close, Box Office India takes a look at the year’s biggest songs.

Darling (7 Khoon Maaf) Inspired by the Russian song Kalinka, Darling was undoubtedly the most flamboyant song of the year. It was hard not to get swayed by the exuberance of this delightful number. Usha Uthup and Rekha Bharadwaj, especially the former, were brilliant in their rendition and added to the festive spirit of this dramatic, hugely enjoyable track.

DK Bose (Delhi BellyThis explosive rock track bursts with infectious energy and an attitude reflective of today’s youth – spirited and unapologetic. The lyrics were risqué yet hilarious and the hook was undeniably catchy. Ram Sampath not only delivered a winning composition but also rendered it with absolute panache. The song had its set of detractors but nothing could stop Bose from becoming a phenomenon.

Character Dheela (Ready)Salman Khan, known to be notorious for his off-screen shenanigans, especially with the ladies, cheekily ridiculed himself in Character dheela. This was the quintessential Pritam chartbuster – stylish vocals, a hook that stuck in your head, heavy orchestration and inane lyrics. There was even a synthesised horn that blared intermittently! But the concoction worked and Character dheela was being blasted out of every autorickshaw, club and radio station.

Sadi Galli (Tanu Weds Manu)RDB’s Sadi gali was a resounding success some years ago. Debutant composer Krsna gave this boisterous track a new twist, roped in popular Bhangra singer Lehmber Hussainpuri to deliver it and created one of the most foot-tapping numbers of the year. It was impossible to sit still when this number played.

Dhinka Chika (Ready)Dhinka chika became the anthem of the year. South Indian music director Devi Shri Prased recycled his chartbuster Ringa ringa from Arya 2 (Telugu), upping the fun quotient significantly. The lyrics were cheesy and the tune was simple, making this a very easy song to sing along. Even the singers (Mika, Amrita Kak) delivered this typical Dappankoothu (the free-style dance songs seen in Tamil cinema) ditty with genuine enthusiasm and gave it a pan-India appeal. And then there was Salman Khan’s on-screen antics that helped this song hit the roof!  (to be continued)

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