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The voice of emotion

Siddharth Mahadevan has sung power-packed songs like Zinda from Bhaag Milkha BhaagMalang from Dhoom 3, and Nachde ne saare from Baar Baar Dekho. Mahadevan talks to Sayali Parab about his song Main hoon from Munna Michael and his collaboration with Salim-Sulaiman

He instantly agreed to sing Main hoon, Siddharth Mahadevan says, mainly because it had a little touch of Michael Jackson in it. “Anything to do with Jackson, I will jump into it right away,” he insists, making it clear that he did not have high expectations of having his song accepted, since things can turn around at the last minute in the industry.  “I recorded the song and Tanishk (Bagchi) and the director loved it. But the thing is, you are not really sure if the song is yours until your name is mentioned in the credit list. Many a times they call other singers and get it re-dubbed. I was just hoping that they retain my voice. However, the song was shot with my voice. I kept following up with Tanishk about it and he said, ‘It’s all good now’.”

Main hoon is an upbeat track that required a lot of power and energy, the singer says, “They wanted me to sing it in a very powerful way, with a lot of energy, spunk and fun. They told me to push in the energy into the song because it would help the dancer perform better, since the voice translates onscreen eventually. The song also demanded that kind of energy. I just enjoyed singing it. And what Tiger Shroff has done onscreen is unbelievable. He has raised the level of dance by a couple of notches. This is till now the best dance I have seen on the Indian screen.”

Siddharth claims that singers have the creativity to imagine, which helps them express the right kind of emotions in a song. “We don’t get to see the rushes or any videos, so we have to imagine the song. It’s all about imagination and I think we have that creativity to imagine, more than anybody else. So we try to imagine the potential of the song. I have to study the actor when the song is character specific – like in Kill Dil I had to sing for Govinda, who is twice my age. If I have to sing for someone like that, then I really have to work on my character’s voice, modulate it and make it sound more mature. However, the most important thing is to express the right emotion in the song rather than copying the actor because he performs to your voice. We have to deliver what the song demands and that’s extremely important. Since I am a composer too, I understand the vision of a music director,” he remarks.

Meanwhile, Siddharth is busy composing music for two Marathi films. “I am totally into the composition space. Also, I have collaborated with Salim-Sulaiman – that will be out very soon. It’s a single that we have composed and they have produced. We have all sung this one together for McDowell’s No1. It’s a fun song and I am waiting for it to come out soon. Also, the video is looking amazing.”

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