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Walking A Thin Line

Often, actors besides the lead actors come shining through in a film. Recently, we saw supporting actor Amit Sadh from GOLD leave a strong impression with his stupendous work in the film. 

On the brief

I read the script first and loved it. Reema (Kagti) was very clear that I would have to be this international hockey player. We only had six months before the film went on the floors and she wanted me to train for two hours every day but I trained for four. That gave me a year’s worth of practice. It was grass-root level training, two hours in the morning and two in the evening. 

On the role

When I read the introduction of the character, I started crying as I got very emotional. I was reminded of my father because he is just like that in real life. I was overwhelmed that I had to play a role like that. When you look at my character Raghubir, you will notice a thin line between him being arrogant and ignorant. I am so glad that people have understood that it is a difficult role. People have told me, producers have called me and told me that they know it was a difficult role to play and complimented me on pulling it off gracefully, humanly and bringing out a lovely side in a character like that.

A portion of the credit for my role goes to my father because I played him in the film. I just modelled it on him because he was aristocratic, bureaucratic, from back in the day, which was kind of what Raghubir was like. And then all the credit for every nuance, every correct beat goes to Reema for writing such a character and believing in me to play it on screen. 

On the challenges

As I said, there is a thin line between being ignorant, arrogant and endearing in the same heartbeat. That was something I had to pull off on screen. But it was great to play this role because Raghubir doesn’t have any malice in him. The humour also came quite naturally due to the character being born with a silver spoon but acting out of childishness. The humour came from that and it was great. He’s not an actor-narcissist but a blue-blood narcissist, which is in-built in him because of his lineage.

On the director

I am grateful and I respect all directors that have given me work but I love Reema most. I think we have formed a bond, I have found a friend in her. Our friendship is now beyond movies. I really care about her and look up to her. Other than the fact that she directed me, she was so nice to me, the way she treats everyone equally, the way she stands for the weak, ones who don’t have a voice, is something I admire. 

On the co-stars        

Sunny (Kaushal) and I became very close during this film. I hate Sunny, I hate Sunny Kaushal because I think it is a crime to be so talented. This hate is obviously full of love. I have a beautiful bond with him. I have already worked with Kunnu (Kunal Kapoor) in Raagdesh and it was great to work with him again. In this film, I got to meet Vineet (Kumar Singh) too, who is again an amazing human being and has amazing talent. I got to spend a lot of time with these boys and I think we struck a bond. That is exactly what our movie was about too; it’s about friendship and supporting each other. It is a happy film for me, with happy memories.

On the response

The impact Raghubir has made in the film and the way people have reacted to it is amazing. I am very humbled and overwhelmed and happy. A lot of people, my fans and friends, have called me after watching this film and have mostly appreciated my journey, the way I build myself, block by block, getting better and more confident. I cherish that affirmation from people.

Future projects

I have an upcoming film where I play a marine who is from the Special Forces. It is produced by Sameer Nair from Applause Entertainment. I am very excited about that and am already working hard for it. I will start shooting for my next film soon.

– Bhakti Mehta

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