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This is what Nina Chakraborty has to say about Maya

Bengali actress Nina Chakraborty has completed the shooting for her fourth Malayalam movie Maya. The film is directed by Santosh and Satish Babusenan, who earlier did a film Maravi with Nina.  

In an interview with a daily, she talked about her character in the film, “ Maya  is a beautiful young woman who dreams of having a baby with her boyfriend Siddharth. She believes it can add happiness to their lives. Siddharth, meanwhile, is concerned about the happiness of all. As a result, he manages to invent the machine which can create the illusion of joy forever. He calls it the Dream Machine. Once a user connects to the machine, it creates joyful dreams for her. He calls it the happiness drug of the future, one which has no side effects. But now, someone is out to steal his invention. Siddharth and Maya go in hiding with the machine. The chase gets murkier. And the story brings in more characters.”

Nina is keen on acting in other languages as well. She says that this is just the beginning of many more projects to come.

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-Manisha Karki 

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